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Premium roses

Bouquet of premium roses with delivery throughout the Czech Republic

These roses are specific due to the size of the flower, which is really in full bloom, and because you receive them fresh in a closed state, they will only bloom to their full beauty at your home. These roses also have a long lifespan . The production comes from leading growers in Holland, Ecuador or Kenya.

According to the language of flowers, a rose is a symbol of love and especially if it is a red color. The red rose symbolizes passion, the expression of feelings of love, the desire for a loved one , in short, it is a unique flower that will speak for you.

Delivery of flowers throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We will deliver your flower to even the smallest village throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics, even on the same day you place the order.

Check whether we also deliver to your village
  • Delivery of flowers throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Delivery within 90 minutes
  • Online bouquet order
  • We guarantee quality
  • Premium selection of flowers